About RLCC

About us RLCC

Shah Faisal Town, the community where RLCC works, houses approximately 1 million residents. Ethnically diverse and highly politicized, Shah  Faisal battles  political and civic neglect  like the rest of Karachi. At the time of partition Begum Ra’ana Liaquat had the foresight to envisage a self-sufficient community amidst the Karachi metropolis.

 RLCC has been operational since 1954. Up to the last decade, this organization was run as a charity with little emphasis on formal institutionalization of systems. The current management of RLCC has in recent  years  focused on formalizing its structures and  systems with a view to paving a path  to sustainability.  2014  saw  a major shift in RLCC management as  governance was  revitalized, new members were invited to the General Body and elections were held to nominate a more active Board of Governors to oversee RLCC management. Furthermore, sub-committees within the Board were constituted  to  support  the  finance, programme, marketing and  fundraising functions of  the organisation. The programme subcommittee has  subsequently been  tasked  to  support  the organisation  to develop  a strategic  plan for the organisations next 3 years.  The new management has also prioritized the development of existing human resource and training of RLCC’s staff.

 RLCC’s foremost concern is sustainability. We understand the need to  work  on  two  fronts: strengthening   organizational   structures   and   internal   systems  thereby    professionalizing   the organization;  and  ensuring  programmatic sustainability. A robust  fund raising strategy  is critical to achieving sustainability.


The furtherance of the social and economic well- being of low-income communities of Pakistan through:

  • Promoting access to quality education and opportunities for learning for all
  • Increasing access to, and enhancing the quality of primary health care services
  • Increasing opportunities to improve livelihoods