Income Generation

income generation rccRLCC has 250 registered women who are now earning money through the income generation department. Women bring different skill sets such as sewing, knitting, crochet, macramé, paper crafts etc. based on which they learn product design through demo classes. Subsequently women meet orders for products, while RLCC provides the raw materials and strictly monitors quality. The program seeks to work with skill sets and crafts that are already present with women in the community.

Products are made out of raw materials that have minimal cost. RLCC promotes the environment and is cost effective by designing products from waste materials such as cloth cut offs, newspapers etc.

To expand the program, 21 demo classes were held for 102 new workers in 2013 while 2 demo classes were held with 60-70 women in the first half of 2014. RLCC also gave a demo class at Zehra Home for orphan girls on making bags. 20 new products were developed in 2013, and an additional 28 in 2014, making a total of approximately 80 items produced by the income generation program.

To promote marketing of the products, RLCC participated in the French Bazaar in January 2013 and various other bazaars during the year. Export orders to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Canada materialized. Shell Pakistan interviewed and photographed income generation workers.

The RLCC income generation program, more than doubled its sales income and increased the number of women who earned a livelihood. Sales increased, while the number of income generation workers increased from 196 in 2012 to 230 in 2013.

The earning for the women was Rs. 907,973/- over the year averaging at around Rs.3,947.70 per worker.