Vocational Training

Teacher Training Program
RLCC believes in benefitting not only the teachers of the RLCC School but also schools in Shah Faisal Colony and therefore the community and the children at large through improving the overall standard of education. Furthermore, if a teacher’s capacity is improved it also improves their career opportunities. In 2013, RLCC began taking a systematic approach to teachers‘ education in Shah Faisal through making available workshops on various topics to improve teacher’s skills. The RLCC educational consultant, Shahida Ibrahim and the principal of the RLCC School, Qudsia Iftikhar, monitor the teacher training program.

Since its inception in September 2012, 555 teachers have been trained through 19 workshops. A minimum registration fee of Rs. 100 is charged to workshop participants who receive a certificate at the end of the training. Workshops vary in length and cost depending on the subject and the level.

Workshop participants included teachers from local schools, as well as community women who wanted to make teaching a profession. Both private and government schools from Shah Faisal sent teachers for training and included:


Skill Development and Vocational Training Classes
Vocational Training classes continued over the period. In 2013, a floor was added to the Vocational Training Center (VTC) building in order to increase space for skill classes. At the moment, the RLCC School is utilizing these rooms but once the purpose-built school building is complete in April 2015, these rooms will be used to increase skill development classes.

Over this period, skill development classes were given for cutting and sewing, mehndi application, English language and computers. A total of 193 women in 2013 and 126 women so far in 2014 have been enrolled in these courses.

Future Plans
The teacher training component plans the repetition of workshops as well as new topics as requested by the participants and assessed from the evaluation forms filled by the participants at the end of the workshops. Along with the short courses longer duration courses will also be explored in subjects such as Early Childhood Education, English Language Skills, Phonics and Building Teachers Resources.

Once the school building is completed, new vocational training courses will be introduced including an adult literacy program with Literate Pakistan Foundation.

Establishing a career
“Currently I am doing BBA and also teaching English as a Language at Fast Education Centre. I earn Rs. 6000/- per month. When I took admission in APWA RLCC my English skills were not good but after the English Language course that I completed at APWA RLCC, I not only improved my language skills but also enhanced my confidence level.

It is supporting me in my advanced studies and also in my professional life I had such a
good time at APWA RLCC and I got lots of experience from here. It will also be beneficial for me to get through in my professional career. APWA RLCC is the only institute which is empowering and enabling women in skills. I am really glad to be student of APWA RLCC.”
Nadia Sajjad