Outreach Program

Out Reach RLCC

Outreach is an integral component of RLCC’s programs. It allows RLCC to maintain a personalized relationship with its recipient community. The outreach program raises awareness on health and rights related issues, informs the community about RLCC’s programs and disseminates educational material within its coverage area. Under the slogan Ehsaas-e-Zimadari RLCC’s outreach team has raised awareness on health and Life Skills Education (LSE) amongst a record breaking 17947 registered community members in 2014-15 and 18750  registered community members in 2015-16.

Reaching out
RLCC outreach programs have been running in Shah Faisal Town’s schools and clinics since 2011. We focus on topics such as Breast Cancer, Hepatitis, Diabetes and Child Sexual Abuse.

During one of the sessions the outreach staff identified a child who told them that her relatives were abusing her. She was only 7 years old and she had been quiet in class for some time. It was only when the session about body protection was held, that she spoke up.

The RLCC staff met with the girl’s parents explaining what had been happening and helped them to define a course of action. The staff also referred them to a psychiatric hospital for counseling and care. A few months later the young child had made tremendous improvement. She was happier and more active in the class. Her parents and teachers too were happy that the problem had been identified and that she had been referred to the right place for care.

Reaching Those with Greatest Need

The outreach team is the team that has a pulse on the community’s needs and is well connected with what is going on in Shah  Faisal Town. Every Ramazan the outreach team supports RLCC to ensure that Zakat and donations of rations are distributed amongst those who genuinely need additional support. Similarly, the outreach team ensures that the exceptionally disadvantaged are able to avail further subsidies on RLCC services.  Thus already subsidized fees in the clinic and school are further discounted, for those in need. While such support is provided to women in the community, the RLCC team also encourages them to enrol in vocational training, or income generation so that they can start supplementing their income on a regular basis and support themselves.

RLCC clinics and outreach teams also provide support through a strong referral network of hospitals and specialist  consultants so that patients whose needs cannot effectively be met at our clinics can access specialized care in the city.

The outreach team has been trained to conduct basic screening of health related matters. After basic screening, RLCC staff utilizes the referrals network to ensure patients get timely and appropriate health care. The numbers of referrals are thus an important indicator of the efficacy of the outreach team’s work as they often reach people who may have otherwise not sought help. They contribute to early detection that greatly reduces the cost and scope of treatment, and sometimes even saves lives.