Partners & Future Plans

RLCC is particularly grateful to the following partners who supported our efforts to raise awareness in the Shah Faisal Community:

  • Hunar Foundation
  • The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP)
  • Aahung
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)
  • PMRC
  • Roche
  • SIUT
  •  The Health Foundation
  • Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS)
  • JIBA
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Essa Lab
  • Hussaini Blood Bank

Future Plans
Child sexual abuse continues to be of considerable concern in the area and therefore RLCC plans to extend the training to secondary school teachers. Partnership with Karachi University (KU) is being explored so that KU students work with RLCC to implement research work. In collaboration with The Health Foundation, RLCC hopes
to initiate a Hepatitis project in Shah Faisal Town in the coming year.

Shah Faisal Colony is congested and women have little mobility or few sources of entertainment. This results in many cases of depression and a high prevalence of mental health issues. In response to this need RLCC plans to open a ‘Chai Khana’ (tea house) on the RLCC premises for women to meet, watch a film, share ideas and generally enjoy themselves. The space will also give us a captive audience for awareness talks. We plan to fund raise for this project over the next year and will be requiring approximately Rs. 450,000 to get it operational. We hope through sale of café