RLCC School

The APWA RLCC Ra’ana Liaquat Primary School is a true nurturing ground for the children of Shah Faisal with the goal to supplement government efforts in implementing its mission of ‘Education for All’ under the reform programs. The primary school ranges from playgroup to class VI, while the introduction of the VIIth class in 2014 signals the start of the secondary school.

RLCC aims to provide a holistic environment in these school, providing teacher training and conducting talks on parenting, nutrition, and child abuse at neighboring schools.

Since March 2009 we have inducted the services of Ms. Shahida Ibrahim, a qualified educationalist, as an academic consultant. Her responsibilities include teacher training, academic planning, and parental counseling. Our curriculum and teaching methodologies have since been upgraded. We have changed the curriculum to include books of a higher standard than before, and teachers are employing methods such as soft boards, flash cards and library periods to enhance learning and motivate students. Our medium of instruction is English with a great emphasis on oral dialogue and discussion. In addition to improving the English of our students, on-going training of teachers is undertaken twice a week via English language courses.

While important nationally recognized days like Independence Day and Earth Day are celebrated with excitement and eagerness, we also encourage learning by introducing new concepts to students e.g. Fruit Day, Animal Day, Vegetables Day etc. Computer classes have also been introduced, exposing the children to technology at an early age. Additionally, the children are provided with a nutritious snack of biscuits and milk thrice a week at the school.

Co-curricular activities also continue to play an important part of the school year and include orientation meetings with parents of new students, annual Sports Day events, quiz competitions and other holiday celebrations.

Parent-Teacher meetings are held twice a term in which parents are briefed on school policies, with special focus on discouraging tuitons. Children having trouble in class are tutored free of cost after school. Parent-Teacher meetings are now part of the school calendar and are conducted every term.

Free Distribution:
Uniforms, shoes and books are provided to those children who cannot afford these school expenses.